Martin Philip Elmes
2238 Ontario Rd. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Experience Summary

I am looking for a challenging position in Washington, DC developing real time intelligence dashboards. Datawarehouse design, ETL proccess flow, Analysis Cube Design.

Areas of expertise

Requirements analysis, Design, Development, Performance monitoring and System security

Application design, development and troubleshooting on the following platforms
Windows Server Archtecture, Active Directory, Kerberos, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSAS, Sharepoint Portal Server SPS, STS WSS 3.0

MDX, T-SQL, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, VB Script, Java, JavaScript, C, HTML, CSS, XML

Operating systems
MS Windows Server 2003, Small Business Server, Virtual Server.

Visual Studio 2005, Business Intelligence Studio, MS Business Scorecard Analyser, SQL Profiler, Visual SourceSafe, Ultraedit, Image editing tools etc.


March 2004 - Present
Ingenium Corporation
Washington, DC
Solutions Architect

Enterprise architecture improvements, from initial specification through implementation (Full AD migration, Exchange 2003 upgrade, DFS implementation, Kerberos PKI). Designed developed and delivered enterprise dashboard for upper management. comprised ETL system to extract data from Deltek Costpoint OLTP and legacy systems using latest SQL server 2005 and BI applications from Microsoft. Delivered Sharepoint interface to display scorecard KPI's and linked reports utilizing all MS SQL 2005 technologies, WSS and Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Server, additional charting and reporting with SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS and custom .NET 2.0 webparts and services.

October 2002 - March 2004
Storyhouse Productions
Washington, DC
IT Consultant

Network, Server and security audit. Network re-design, installation and configuration of Microsoft SBS 2000, MS Exchange, ISA Firewall server and VPN. Developed secure intranet website.

June 2003 - August 2003
BioInformatics LLC.
Arlington, VA
Contract Developer

Site conversion from PHP and static HTML to a dynamic SQL Server driven ASP/IIS website. Converted 100+ PHP website to a structured n-tier architecture using ASP and SQL Server. Features include: document shopping cart; searchable news repository.

April 2002 - November 2002
Senior Product Developer
Washington, DC

Architect and Lead Programmer.
Developed streaming video services using Microsoft Media Server, requiring inter-server communications across firewalls using XML -DCOM, and management of stream session control in SQL database. Developed one-time pass phrase system for controlled access. Database design, ASP, VB, DCOM, XML, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Media Server and Media Player, Server Monitoring Service.

August 2000 - April 2002
Senior Developer
Qualcomm Inc.(Contractor)
Bethesda, MD

Designed and developed web interface and SQL Server databases to track heavy equipment via GPS and satellite: (Komtrax web application, created for Komatsu) Multi-tiered security model and hierarchical group management all implemented through browser neutral web interface written in ASP, XML, Javascript. Support for 5000+ users, 10,000 machines, real-time message handling. Real-time generation of machine location maps. Database design, hardware requirements and network security configuration. HTML layout and page design, ASP code to administer site and view information, SQL Server 2000, SQLMail, Database replication, SMTP Server configuration, DNS configuration.

May 2000 - August 2000
Senior Product Developer
Rockville, MD

Database and application design for high volume e-commerce provider, including; Physical architecture, security and network design and documentation. Site creation wizard interface, including dynamic creation of client side Javascript for customized billing options. Back end payment processing (Cybercash). Web Application/Database load testing (RSW e-Test suite.) Session-less security system and requisite administration interfaces. Multihomed email system, integrated iMail package with back end systems for automatic email host setup.

March 98 - May 2000
Web Architect
Butler Technology Solutions
McLean, VA
Part of core BTS Web Solutions Practice team in metropolitan Washington area. Providing technical leadership and mentoring to internal and client resources. Designing intranet sales tracking and analysis system for BTS. Participating in lead role in developing technical and architectural responses to client requirements.

June 99 - January 2000
Architect and Lead Programmer
Nextel Communications, Inc. (for Butler Technology Solutions)
Reston ,VA
NEXTEL Y2K Remediation Project

ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PL-SQL, IIS, NT Server, COM , HTML
Three-tier application, implemented in Microsoft ASP, with COM Components developed in VB, developed SQL code to access and update Oracle Database.
Entire application implemented through web interface:
A custom VB COM Object handles upload of Excel spreadsheets, parsing, application of business rules and data insertion to Oracle dB. Multi-level management schema, built-in approval process with dynamic project assignment. Real time reporting of project status through dynamic interface elements and Business Objects integration.

ABRA (for Butler Technology Solutions)
Architect and Programmer
ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, MS Access, IIS, NT Server, COM
Dynamic web site, designed for non-profit company. They were uncomfortable with HTML and required a simple design for content creation. All pages on this site are created through database driven web pages. New articles and publications can be featured automatically on the dynamically created homepage. I designed and implemented a new membership driven access system and document library with full text search capability.

W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Lake Forest, IL
(for Butler Technology Solutions)
Code review and security audit of eCommerce site Documented architecture, coding problems and security concerns for management team.

Estee Lauder (for Butler Technology Solutions)
Long Island, NY

Estee Lauder's Records Center asked BTS to assist them in the evaluation and assessment of alternatives in updating their infrastructure in regards to their imaging, microfilming, COLD, and other document management technologies. The assessment focused on how to update and streamline the hardware used and procedures followed for records retention. The scope of the assessment was limited to the Records Center, the systems and software used to support Records Center operations, and the interfaces (procedural and automated) between the Records Center and other areas within Estée Lauder. I helped develop a detailed assement of current processes and future needs, evaluate Imaging solutions from multiple vendors and developed selection criteria for recommendations.

Pearson Education (Division of Simon & Schuster Publishing) (for Butler Technology Solutions)
Lakewood, NJ

As the team leader for this project, evaluated future web technology requirements based on business needs and future site functionality. Conducted focus group sessions with end users and MIS to uncover current issues and future requirements. Analyzed application development process and provided recommendations to streamline / improve development process. Provide technical mentoring for client resources. Assisted client in developing skills plan for current and future staff resources.

March 98 - January 99
MCI WorldCom (for Butler Technology Solutions)
Architect and Lead Programmer, DBA
Java, Visual Basic, JavaScript, ASP, Transact SQL, MS Access, HTML,Site Sweeper, IIS, Site Server, SQL Server 6.5, MS Access.
Served as a Lead Internet Developer for MCI's Corporate Technology Information Group. Responsible for designing, developing and maintaining a wide range of internal MCI applications that reside on the company's Intranet. All of these applications take advantage of the leading edge technology and include time tracking, corporate donations, corporate surveys, and support of MCI's ExecutiveOne program.
Developed merger goals tracker for MCI WorldCom executive management. Responsible for collecting requirements and ensuring requirements met in the tracking system.
Designed and developed automated response form processor for travel booking system for MCI employee recognition programs.
Designed and delivered media exposure tracking and reporting system for MCI foundation. Used as primary support for 20 program officers, includes custom reporting functions and http connections to Excel spreadsheet for analysis. Acted as primary interface with users and led collection and development of requirements.
Enhanced contact manager and message center for multi-city training program. Automated reporting functions added to existing SMTP/POP mail survey form system.

AT&T Intranet
Research Triangle, NC

Role: Architect and Lead Programmer, DBA
Transact SQL, ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, IIS, MS SQL Server
Customer relation management system, Handles incident tracking and contact management. System implemented on MS SQL Server, IIS

1996 - 1997
Wall and Associates
Bethesda, MD

Role: Architect, Developer
MS Access, Visual Basic, VBA, Client Server
Designed and developed multi-user DBMS for scheduling and management of waste services company.

June 92 - March 98
(EIA) Electronic Industries Association /(CEMA) Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Arlington, VA
Manager of Technical Training / Web Development
Designed, developed and built EIA web site. Responsible for maintenance and administration of CEMACITY web site. (approx. 1,200,000 hits per month). Provided support as SQL Server Administrator for all online database access including secured member only access. Responsible for Windows NT Server, Administrator for group of approximately 20 users who maintain web pages. DNS administrator (BIND). Developed site performance evaluation process design and maintenance of WebTrends analysis / reporting environment. Provided technical support to MIS department in the areas of TCP/IP networking and troubleshooting.

On-line Databases

  • Warranty Service Compliant and Repair Codes Database
  • Developing on-line shopping cart system (built from scratch using MS Internet Database Connector and MS SQL server 6.5)
  • Designed and programmed multi user DBMS for workshop scheduling and registration using HTML front end
  • Publishing data from SUN based Oracle database to Windows NT SQL Server to support secure worldwide web access
  • Training scheduling database with on-line registration

Training Related Activity
Training manager responsible for preparation and logistics for approximately 45 hands-on technical workshops per year held at various colleges around the United States.

Lead instructor responsible for course development and teaching 15 three to five day workshops per calendar year with 12-20 participants per workshop.

Subjects covered

  • Windows 95 Advanced Installation and troubleshooting
  • Windows 95 Network installation and troubleshooting (including TCP/IP)
  • Color Television technology and servicing
  • Video Cassette Recorder Servicing
  • Video Laser Disc troubleshooting
  • Personal Computer Technology and Servicing (A+ Exam prep.)

(IVTC) International Vocational Training Competition
U.S. Technical Expert and judge for Trade 17 - Electronics products servicing competition.

  • 1997 St. Galen, Switzerland
  • 1995 Lyon, France

(VICA) Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
Technical Expert and judge for annual national Electronics products servicing competition

EIA Committee responsibilities

  • Electronic Document Publishing - Overseeing development of SGML DTD for Consumer Electronic Service literature
  • EDI - Overseeing development of warranty claims filing using EDI application of ANSI standard 140/141/142
  • Intelligent Home Systems committee - Skill standards and curriculum development for home systems installers
  • Curriculum development

July 1989 - June 1992
JVC Service and Engineering, Little Falls, NJ
Field Service Engineer
PICK Basic, Database design, host data capture, screen scrapes scripted in Basic

Conducted technical workshops - instructing JVC Service technicians and authorized service network.

  • Video camera repair
  • VCR repair
  • Large Screen Television Repair

Responsible for east coast U.S. customer complaint resolution, involving independent service centers, warranty claims fraud, and database analysis (PICK Basic database programming).
Performed new hire screening for technician positions.

1987 - July 1989
ATV Electronics Ltd., New York , NY
Vice President - Engineering
Intel 8041 Assembly language, C, Database design (dBaseII/III)
Designed and developed electronic circuits. Performed PCB layout and parts procurement .

1985 - 1987
Hillriver Electronics Ltd., Hammersmith , London
Prototyping Engineer
Motorola 6502 Assembly language, FORTH, C, Basic
Responsible for prototyping and testing of electronic circuit designs, PCB layout and custom test jigs for small production manufacturing. Performed assembly language programming for micro-controller based products. Managed part-time assembly workers.

1978 - 1984
Vision On Ltd., Ealing, London
Service Manager
Lead technician repairing TV/VCR/Camera's. Provided technical assistance to other technicians. Performed parts purchasing.


South Thames College - Wansworth, London 1985
City & Guilds Electronics

Radio and Television Servicing (Distinction), Video Recording and Playback (Certificate of Merit)